10 reasons why Hermes quality is superior

  1. Application of high quality materials cabinet made of natural spruce wood, 16 mm in thickness!
  2. Now, a new cabinet mounting owing to stable metal bolts!
  3. All ferrules are factory-fitted! No more inconvenient tightening of ferrules!
  4. Easy assembly without tools – possible thank to a plug system!
  5. Conveyor belts for excrement made of a new and very strong material 1,2 mm in thickness!
  6. All parts that contact excrement such as sweepers and screws are made of high-grade steel!
  7. Excrement conveyor belt systems provided with door for the driven side, a blind for the rewind side and a wooden compartment for excrement! Tools for conveyor belt setting and a cleaning set included!
  8. Strong 370 Watt driving motor with an overload protection.
  9. 35 years of experience in box construction! As the first producer, we commenced serial production of pigeon boxes with automatic cleaning 25 years ago!
  10. 3-years guarantee!