The images below show a newly developed feed container. Individual units in each container tilt out easily, enabling quick refi lling and removal of feed. Each of the units contains up to 25 kg of feed (1 bag of feed). Empty units can be easily removed from the container.

Containers are supplied assembled and ready to use. To save space, a compartment always consists of two units, one placed on the other. It is possible to set up compartments in several rows, one next to another. One tilted-out unit can be replaced by three smaller drawer containers.

Containers are completely made of the Multiplex birch board. We intentionally do not use any wires on box fronts to prevent any dust reaching the feed. We have also taken care of suffi cient ventilation.

Container height 113 cm
Container depth 33 cm
Container width 38 cm

Price per row 120.00 EUR / 2 bags of feed
Extra charge for three drawer containers 30.00 EUR.