Dual Purpose Widowhood Boxes


In contrast to the conventional Hermes widowhood box, this box has only one swivel frame with a pass. Due to the patented swivel hinge, the frame can be moved from front to rear with a handle. The four different box sizes offer the breeder the possibility to use this box as a widowhood box, a young bird box, a hen box and in the size of 59.2 cm even as a breeding box!


For an additional charge the dual purpose box can be provided with fronts in different colors. In addition, we offer the following variations:

• Separating piece to separate in the middle

• Inset for three seats

• Approaching plank for additional motivation

extra platform for second nest bowl

in the size 59.2 cm this box can use for breeding too!

An option will be to use an extra platform to lift up the second nest bowl a little bit.

The mechanismum for the adjustment of the front grille there is a utility model protection at the patent office in Munich!

more info you will find under the menue sizes & prices